About Us

We are proud to be fourth generation Los Angeles County, CA real estate owners and have served the public for over 30 years in Business Park, Industrial Warehouse, Office Parks, RV Parks, Private Storage Yards, Storage, Apartments, and Residential ownership, leasing and property management. Acquisitions of larger Business Parks in La Verne and San Dimas, LA County, CA and in Upland, San Bernardino County, CA composed of larger buildings with smaller spaces dedicated to “incubator space” for all types of businesses ranging from Manufacturers, Distributors, Office Users, Medical Users, Warehousing of all types, Research and Development, Schools, Professionals. Our spaces are “Flex Space” which means what it says; they are Flexible to many diversified uses. One business needs offices, another needs warehousing; we concentrate on lighter uses so everyone can co-exist together! Once you have employees, moving the business out of the old garage and into a new business space can be a major sense of accomplishment and a real motivator to achieve! While making your home a happier and more personal place, the motivation created by this move can create an excitement, watching your business grow and this can motivate your employees also! Employees just do not work for only money, they want to have more job security and can become much more productive with a real working environment. Many new businesses start in the garage and then will grow into an Office space, an Office / Industrial Warehouse space or another type of Industrial or Commercial space with most businesses continuing to grow and rent from us for many years to come.

Metrovest, LA County represents the largest quantity, highest quality of LA County Multi tenant Business Parks – La Verne, multi tenant Industrial Warehouse space – La Verne, CA of multi tenant office warehouse space La Verne, CA. Metrovest LA County, CA represents the largest LA County Industrial Warehouse Spaces in San Dimas, CA; the largest multi tenant offices and industrial warehouse space in San Dimas, CA some with 210 freeway direct sign visibility, others directly on Airports and golf courses. Metrovest, LA County, CA additionally represents Multi-tenant warehouses with private storage yards. Metrovest, San Bernardino County represents multi-tenant industrial Parks, Business Parks, Upland, CA ranging in sizes from 800-1500-2500-4000-6000 square feet other varying sizes and shapes.

Metrovest has expanded now into Upland, CA, in San Bernardino County; Dana Point, Newport Beach, and Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California. Here as elsewhere we offer a diverse and growing real estate portfolio offering tenants greater choices for business location from Airport locations; Brackett Airport and Cable Airport to locations next to freeways such as the 210 freeway and 57 freeways. With excellent service to the public, intelligent forecasting, and financial strength; our Family of Businesses sees a great future ahead for all.

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